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Evolve Through Awareness

Vibe is a pocket assistant for positive change, a voice over your shoulder, helping you achieve and maintain your highest vibration with the power of mindful awareness and perspective.

The Vibe App
Bodhi Leaf

What people are saying…

Some of the most successfull people in their respective professions have power in the amazing perspective and mindfullness provided by Gratitude Twenty-Four-Seven..

We find [Gratitude 24X7] not just insightful but it stimulates ideas surrounding personal daily life experiences.

Robert W. Hendry

Former CEO - General Motors Europe

I cannot think of any more uplifting and transformative experience than to have regular and repetitive access to the work of these truly advanced practitioners.

Bryant L. Welch, J.D. Ph.D. ABPP

Author and Nationally Prominent Psychologist

I wake up every day to my gratitude message for the day. I love it ! It’s always what I need to hear.

Roseanne Arquette


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Author Meyer, PhD, M.D.

Author and Renowned Therapist

Science Meets Ancient Wisdom

The Sankalpa is a Hindu yogic practice in which a person regularly repeats an intention, usually during meditation, until it is manifested. Unsurprisingly, modern research in neurochemistry has demonstrated how meditative repetition of a belief can physically remap our brains through neuroplasticity – the actual rewiring of our physical brain.  Using Vibe, we can now utilize technology in our  portable devices to subtly stimulate the repetition we need to instill permanent change and to establish the mindfulness that will bring us happiness and wellbeing.

The Vibe Method

Each morning the Vibe App provides you a mindful perspective for consideration – a concise message of 100 words or less created by Gratitude Twenty-Four-Seven that generally offers a fresh, often profound view on life’s challenges. Then, several times throughout the day, Vibe will remind you of that daily thought using ‘the Vibe,’ a gentle reminder based partly on an ancient style of affirmation, called a Sankalpa, that gives you the essence of the perspective in just a few words. Say it a few times in your mind and continue on with your day. If a particular Vibe resonates deeply with you, keep it for a few days, or until you feel the resolve. The Vibe reminder engine is just what you need to stay on track.


The Power of One Little Thought

People who are passionate about psychological and spiritual growth often draw from a host of inspirational sources. For those of us with otherwise busy days, this cacophony of messages can be counterproductive. In one group, we challenged our participants, each of whom received at least one inspiration email per day, to recall the last message they had read. Not one person could, and it was only lunch time.

Tibetan Buddhist monks spend days creating Mandalas out of colored sand.  As they work, they focus totally on a single intention, instilling profound inner peace and peace and healing.

The Vibe pares back the message volume, allowing the participant to absorb and work a single, yet powerful daily intention, instilling a lasting impression in your mind.

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