About Us

The Vibe was originated to publish well regarded Gratitude Twenty-Four-Seven (G24-7) daily publication. It was then determined that the app should do more than simply deliver messages, that the app itself could be a tool for advanced methods on ‘how’ the messaging is delivered.

Upon further consideration and the support of multiple talented advisors, a simple yet powerful concept was evolved. To improve the effectiveness of the G24-7 messaging, the application should include a reminder, or a ‘Vibe’ during the day that refreshed the gist of the morning’s daily post.  Not only was the reminder function a novel concept, but it dovetailed perfectly into both ancient philosophies and the most recent science on cognitive behavioral change.

Rather than a simple message delivery app, Vibe would become a highly effective cognitive tool for invoking lasting, positive change for the application user.

The Vibe Tribe

Starting with the original creators of Gratitude Twenty-Four-Seven, Jarl Forsman and Steve Sekhon, The Vibe Tribe is a group of individuals who are dedicated the ongoing study of the human condition, our place in the world and the universe. Our goal is to consider extensively our knowledge and experiences as well as those of our fellow man and to create simple words of guidance which can help our readers to attain a complete sense of self and a fulfilled life.

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