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Service with Elizabeth Bishop is intended as a source of inspiration, information, and practical tools for the change-makers of the world. Serving others can be overwhelming and at times, leave you wondering if you are really helping at all. Service as a sacrifice is a myth. Service is a gift. Service as an act reserved for the “saints” among us is a paradigm that no longer meets the demands of our world. There is always an opportunity to serve. And we are all equipped to respond. Service in our modern turbulent times requires profound self-connection, self-love, and self-compassion.

Elizabeth Bishop is the creator of the Conscious Service Approach designed to support people on a path of service to humanity. Whether through a traditional or alternative professional calling or through personal caregiving for a loved one, Conscious Service is about reconnecting with and fulfilling the original desire to make a difference in the world. Elizabeth shares this message through online and in person workshops, podcasts, blogs and other services offered through her website at

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About Elizabeth Bishop

Elizabeth Bishop is the creator of The Conscious Service Approach; a research-based set of principles designed to enhance both the experience of Service Providers as well as the quality of service offered. She holds a diploma in Developmental Services, a Bachelor degree in Psychology and Religious Studies, and a Masters degree in Adult Education.

With a background of more than thirty-five years in human services, Elizabeth’s experience ranges from facility to community-based services, and from direct service provision to management and leadership responsibilities. She has specialized in developmental services, brain injury rehabilitation, and mental health programs.  She has taught at the post-secondary level for more than twenty-five years, including formal academic programs, as well as continuing education and professional development training.

As the Founder of Elizabeth Bishop Consulting, she facilitates an ongoing discussion about what it means to be of service through regular blogs, social media presence, workshops, and online courses.

Throughout her academic and professional career, Elizabeth became keenly aware of the gap between the high ideals and values associated with the Helping Professions and the reality of how this is lived and experienced by Service Providers. This realization coupled with Elizabeth’s intimate exploration of spirituality and personal growth led directly to the birth of The Conscious Service Approach.

Initially inspired to a Vocation of Service through a book she read as a teenager, Elizabeth answered this calling early in life. She went on to experience first hand the disillusionment common to many Service Providers when the fantasy of this “life of service” turns into a bad dream filled with witnessing trauma, pushing papers, and navigating dysfunctional systems. This was her initiation into Mastery of the Alternative Perspective.

Elizabeth believes that being of service extends far beyond the tasks involved. Service is an energy ~ a way of being ~ an expression of the soul. It is ultimately a path to meaningful connection not only with others, but also with oneself.