Ken D. Foster – Courage Channel

Renowned executive coach, Ken D. Foster incorporates mindfulness and spirituality into a unique coaching style that has garnered his radio show over 2 million listeners. Coach Ken uses the Vibe Method to stay in touch and motivate business leaders around the world. The method utilizes the power of your phone to help busy people incorporate mindfulness practices into their professional and personal daily lives.

  • Each morning, receive a unique morning post from Ken.  Learn the roots of courage and utilize them during your busiest days. Read or listen to the post using the audible feature.
  • Listen to Ken’s empowering mini-meditations each morning before heading out into your day.  Ken will include occasional guided meditations to help you calm your mind and integrate the wisdom from the morning post.
  • Several times throughout the day, the Vibe app will ‘vibe’ you with a reminder of the morning’s lesson. Take a moment and consider it and any relevance it might have to your current situation. If you have time, meditate with the built-in timer for a few minutes and go on about your busy day.

Feel your life transform as you walk through the world with greater ease and grace.

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About Ken D. Foster

Kenneth D. Foster is a successful entrepreneur and Business Coach. He is the founder and President of and CEO of Shared Vision Network. As a national speaker he has a wealth of knowledge in creating business success, performance coaching and personal core development.

Ken is a master at asking the right questions to create success and has invested thousands of hours reading, researching and developing the questions for this book. He has an in-depth knowledge of human development and the field of human development.

Ken is also a man who is in love with humanity. His every thought, word and action are designed to help others be successful. His energy, power and enthusiasm have inspired thousands of individuals who now achieve at higher levels and live more fulfilling and abundant lives.