She of God Channel on The Vibe

The Vibe is proud to be partnered with She of God and the causes that it supports.

The She of God on The Vibe is a series of approximately 200 days of powerful insights and perspectives, awakening the inner-female strength — both within indiviudal women and society as a whole.

She of God and Rise of the Butterfly Foundation

Proceeds from the She of God channel are being contributed to Rise of the Butterfly Foundation, a non-profit using art to drive funding to support grassroots organizations helping women and girls around the world. ‘Rise’ is currently focusing on creating awareness and solutions for the human trafficking epidemic. Learn more at 

She of God Invites You to Explore

The She of God is an invitation into exploration, a container for growth, a challenge to act. Essential growth—growth that brings you ever-closer to your highest potential—occurs between thought and action.  In the instant when you choose to do something other than you’ve always done, to act in accord with the pulsating drive within each of each of us to become more.  Those moments can’t be fully appreciated through words or expression, only through personal experience.  As more and more moments of clarity enter your experience, you reach a moment-by-moment resting place where you can have a sense of the radical positivity inherent in life and have the unrivaled experience of seeing your potential becoming into existence. 

The She of God is your companion on this journey of a lifetime, the journey deeper into an essential part of yourself that can only become known through your creative response to the movement of life.

The Vibe is currently free for an extended 14-day free trial. For subscription information, please visit the Play Store or App Store depending on your phone.