Common Issues

I am certain I have an active account but am being asked to register again

Various activities will occasionally cause the app to sign you out. When you sign back into the app, make sure you use the same sign-in method you used when you registered for the app. (For example, if you used your Facebook login to register, please use it again to sign back in.)

If the app is asking you to pay or subscribe again, then you most likely are trying to sign-in using a different email address or sign-in method than when you registered. If this happens, then you will need to remove the app from your device and reinstall it, and then sign-in with your original method.

If you are uncertain of how you registered, then, please use the form below and send us a note with your email address, first name and last name. We will locate your account and send you instructions.

I am not receiving content or the wrong content
Are you sure you clicked Save when you selected your Vibe channel?  Also, if you also have the default channel selected (Gratitude 24-7) then you need to select the ‘switch’ icon in the upper right of the home page to switch between channels on the home page.

To select the channel of your desired thought leader….

  1. In the app, select the gear icon in the lower right
  2. Select Channels in the upper left.
  3. Select the channel you wish to follow by touching the gray box to the right.
  4. Make sure you select SAVE!
I wish to unsubscribe
I am not receiving my Vibes (reminders) during the day
First, you must make sure that you have enabled the Vibe feature within the app. The feature should default to ‘on’ but you should check anyway.


  1. Select the gear icon in the lower-right of the app.
  2. Near the top, select “Change My Vibe Schedule.”
  3. Select the frequency of your Vibe reminders.


The following should work for all the later versions of iOS.

  1. On your iOS device, go to ‘Settings’.
  2. Tap ‘Notifications’.
  3. Scroll down until you find “Vibe” or “theVibe”
  4. Toggle the switch so “Allow Notifications” is ON.

Instructions for various Android devices may vary a little. The following should work for most devices.

  1. On your Android device, tap Apps > Settings > MORE.
  2. Tap Application manager > DOWNLOADED.
  3. Tap on the Vibe app.
  4. Select or clear the check box next to Show notifications to enable or disable push notifications.

Vibe Support

If you are having issues with your Vibe app, please contact us. We are eager to understand and fix any issues that might occur. If you include your phone number, we will be happy to to give you a call. Thank you!

Known Issue: We have heard that some people believe that they are subscribed to a Premier Channel but are not receiving the content. Please go here if this has happened to you!

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