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The Vibe offers mindfulness for busy people. More than a meditation app, the Vibe allows you to achieve a healthy new daily perspective each morning, gain access to an archive of meditations and view daily guidance from world class thought leaders while supporting

  • Daily guidance each morning.  Evolve the way you see the world and yourself in it. Contemplate and embrace powerful perspectives and life lessons from the wellspring of beauty and inspiration at
  • Get Vibed. Several times throughout the day, the Vibe app will ‘vibe’ you with a reminder of the morning’s lesson. Take a moment and consider it and any relevance it might have to your current situation. If you have time, meditate with the built-in timer for a few minutes and go on about your busy day.
  • Audio. Use the audio features on the Vibe app to listen to daily posts and thoughts. Be guided through short daily meditation or choose longer meditations from the highly selective library of global meditation leaders.
  • Library of past global meditations.  Get access to past global mediations as well as dozens of guided meditations by other global thought leaders.


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The Vibe is currently free for an extended 14-day free trial. For subscription information, please visit the Play Store or App Store depending on your phone.

The Vibe Channel

The channel is led by Jacob Devaney.  Jacob is a founding member of Unify and established writer, who has been Unify lead content creator and curator for over 7 years. You may have read his blogs in Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, the Mind Unleashed, Collective Evolution, or UPLIFT. We are excited to add him as a featured thought-leader and open the doors at Vibe to the growing Unify Global Community. Join him as he leads you through a daily spiritual journey with bits of wisdom to live by and practice each day.

Best of all is that a portion of your monthly subscription fee is donated directly to, which is now a nonprofit doing great work in the world!

Feel your life transform as you walk through the world with greater ease and grace



UNIFY orchestrates Globally Synchronized Events that inspire community-driven action campaigns for world peace. During these events, we invite people of all backgrounds to meditate, host local ceremonies, pray, and contribute to a more loving, peaceful world in their own way. By unifying at these times we create a living example of a fundamental truth–we are all one. Together, we can give rise to an emerging planetary culture that embraces the interdependence and well-being of all.

Unify was formed in 2012 by a group of friends who know that a better world is possible. They felt that hosting globally synchronized meditations would be a great way to bring people together, the idea has caught on and today the Unify Facebook Page has swelled to almost 2 million fans. The team continues to host events while producing inspired content for their community.


The world is awakening and there is a need and desire for a change. Yet the cycle of conflict continues. Are we missing something? What if we’ve been looking for peace everywhere, but within?  When peace is found within it ripples out into our family, community and beyond. Perhaps world peace also starts on the inside.

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